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Enhao Gong

Enhao Gong
Founder, Subtle Medical


Enhao Gong is founder and CEO at Subtle Medical. He is a serial entrepreneur and PhD in Electrical Engineering at Stanford, with research focus on applying AI and deep learning to improve reconstruction, analysis and quantification in medical imaging . His work that applies AI to accelerate and reduce dose for MRI and PET has been featured in numbers of academic journals and clinical conferences. Dr. Gong won several awards including 2018 Forbes China 30-under-30 for his work at Subtle Medical, an AI+radiology startup from Stanford and the winner of 2018 NVIDIA Inception Award in AI+Healthcare.


2:40pm3:20pm Thursday, April 18, 2019
AI Business Summit, Case Studies
Location: Sutton North/Center
Secondary topics:  AI case studies, Computer Vision, Health and Medicine
Enhao Gong (Subtle Medical), Greg Zaharchuk (Stanford University)
Clinical radiology is faced with several clinical issues: 1) improvement in imaging efficiency, 2) reduction of risks, 3) high imaging quality. Subtle Medical provides Deep Learning/AI solution, powered and accelerated by industry solution such as OpenVINO, to address these problems by enabling faster MRI, faster PET and low dose, providing real clinical and financial benefit to hospitals. Read more.