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Santi Adavani

Santi Adavani
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Santi co-founded RocketML, where his team is building a superfast engine for building machine learning models. Before that, Santi worked as a Product manager and software development lead at Intel’s technology and manufacturing group. Prior to Intel, he got his Ph.D. in computational sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. His areas of expertise include high-performance computing, non-linear optimization, partial differential equations, machine learning, and big data.


1:50pm2:30pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Models and Methods
Location: Grand Ballroom West
Secondary topics:  Models and Methods, Platforms and infrastructure
vinay rao (RocketML Inc), Santi Adavani (Mr)
Growing data sizes are causing Training times to increase 5x the Moore's law. While Hardware innovations are helping, new software architectures for distributed system are needed for AI industry to solve critical problems. RocketML results show that we can build logistic regression models on KDD12 data set with ~150 Million samples on 8 Intel Xeon node cluster in < 1 minute. Read more.