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April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
Aric Whitewood

Aric Whitewood
Founding Partner, WilmotML


Aric Whitewood is co-founder of WilmotML, a machine learning and macroeconomics focused investment and advisory firm. He is also an Honorary Senior Lecturer in the Computer Science Department of University College London (UCL), for which he runs several research programs with UCL students on machine learning topics.

He focuses on the combination of neuroscience, artificial intelligence (A.I.), and investing, with a particular emphasis on developing investment systems that are transparent (enabling trust in investment decisions) and that operate on longer timescales than has historically been the case with algorithmic systems (typically months).

Previous to his current position, he was Head of Data Science in Credit Suisse Zurich, where he ran A.I. projects across a number of businesses and geographic locations. He also served as the Banks subject matter expert in machine learning, regularly presenting to both the Banks management as well as its major clients.

He holds a PhD in Electronic Engineering from UCL (2006).


4:05pm4:45pm Thursday, April 18, 2019
Implementing AI
Location: Regent Parlor
Secondary topics:  AI case studies, Financial Services, Temporal data and time-series
Aric Whitewood (WilmotML)
Our firm focuses on the application of AI to investment management. Topics covered in this presentation include the application of AI to the problem of asset selection, dealing with low signal-to-noise ratios in financial time series data, the development of real-time macroeconomic indicators from social media data, and the use of heterogeneous compute architectures, specifically GPUs and FPGAs. Read more.