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Jian Chang

Jian Chang
Senior Algorithm Expert, Alibaba Group

Data science expert and software system architect with expertise in machine-learning and big-data systems. Rich experiences of leading innovation projects and R&D activities to promote data science best practice within large organizations. Deep domain knowledge on various vertical use cases (Finance, Telco, Healthcare, etc.). Currently working pushing the cutting-edge application of AI at the intersection of high-performance database and IoT, focusing on unleashing the value of spatial-temporal data. I am also a frequent speaker at various technology conferences, including: O’Reilly Strata AI Conference, NVidia GPU Technology Conference, Hadoop Summit, DataWorks Summit, Amazon re:Invent, Global Big Data Conference, Global AI Conference, World IoT Expo, Intel Partner Summit, presenting keynote talks and sharing technology leadership thoughts.

Received my Ph.D. from the Department of Computer and Information Science (CIS), University of Pennsylvania, under the advisory of Professor Insup Lee (ACM Fellow, IEEE Fellow). Published and presented research paper and posters at many top-tier conferences and journals, including: ACM Computing Surveys, ACSAC, CEAS, EuroSec, FGCS, HiCoNS, HSCC, IEEE Systems Journal, MASHUPS, PST, SSS, TRUST, and WiVeC. Served as reviewers for many highly reputable international journals and conferences.


1:00pm1:40pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Implementing AI
Location: Rendezvous
Secondary topics:  Edge computing and Hardware, Platforms and infrastructure, Reinforcement Learning, Retail and e-commerce, Temporal data and time-series
Jian Chang (Alibaba Group), Sanjian Chen (Alibaba Group)
Time series database (TSDB) is of great use for data management in IoT, finance, etc. Performance is always a major optimization point for TSDB. Recently, we introduced neural networks and reinforcement learning to perform mode selection for compression algorithm. Experimental results show one can improve average compression ratio by 20%-120%, comparing with other well-known compression format. Read more.