Put AI to work
June 26-27, 2017: Training
June 27-29, 2017: Tutorials & Conference
New York, NY
Rupert Steffner

Rupert Steffner


Rupert Steffner is the founder of WUNDER.AI – an E-commerce AI start-up that is giving customers a joy ride to the products they love. Before that Rupert has been Chief Platform Architect of Otto Group’s new Business Intelligence Platform BRAIN and Head of BI at Groupon EMEA&APAC. He worked for several European and US companies as Business Intelligence Leader (e-commerce, retail, finance, telco). Rupert has over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing highly sophisticated technical and business solutions with a focus on customer centric marketing. He holds a Master of Business Administration of the WU Vienna and was Head of Marketing Department at the University of Applied Sciences, Salzburg.


4:50pm5:30pm Thursday, June 29, 2017
Interacting with AI
Location: Murray Hill E/W Level: Intermediate
Secondary topics:  Machine Learning, Retail and e-commerce, User interface and experience
Rupert Steffner (WUNDERAI GmbH)
According to market research 70% of consumers do NOT feel that online offers resonate with their personal interests and needs. With cognitive AI there’s a way to create Deep Shopping bots based on true personal relevance. This shift in the shopping paradigm is built upon Deep Symbolic Reinforcement Learning, the Psychometry of Shopping, a new breed of playful UI and cognified Product metadata. Read more.