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April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY
Tim Nugent

Tim Nugent


Tim Nugent pretends to be a mobile app developer, game designer, tools builder, researcher, and tech author. When he isn’t busy avoiding being found out as a fraud, Tim spends most of his time designing and creating little apps and games he won’t let anyone see. He also spent a disproportionately long time writing this tiny little bio, most of which was taken up trying to stick a witty sci-fi reference in. . .before he simply gave up.


4:55pm5:35pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Interacting with AI
Location: Regent Parlor
Secondary topics:  Deep Learning and Machine Learning tools, Reinforcement Learning
Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab Pty. Ltd.), Mars Geldard (University of Tasmania), Tim Nugent (
Learn how to use Unity to train, explore, and manipulate intelligent agents that learn. Train a quadruped to walk. Then train it to explore, fetch, and manipulate the world. Games are great places to explore AI. They’re wonderful contained problem spaces. Learn how to use them, even though you’re not a game developer. Read more.