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April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY

Natural Language Code Search for GitHub Using Kubeflow

Jeremy Lewi (Google), Hamel Husain (GitHub)
1:50pm2:30pm Wednesday, April 17, 2019
Implementing AI
Location: Mercury Rotunda
Secondary topics:  Platforms and infrastructure, Text, Language, and Speech

Who is this presentation for?

ML Engineers, Datascientists, Devops



Prerequisite knowledge

Some knowledge of ML and Kubernetes wil help individuals get the most out of this talk.

What you'll learn

Kubeflow makes it easy to build and deploy ML products on Kubernetes.


Turning ML into magical products often requires complex, distributed systems that bring with them a unique, ML specific set of infrastructure problems. A year ago, we started building Kubeflow to leverage Kubernetes to solve these problems. In this talk, we will use the example of a search engine for code using natural language ( to illustrate how Kubeflow and Kubernetes can be used to build and deploy ML products.

Photo of Jeremy Lewi

Jeremy Lewi


Jeremy Lewi is a co-founder and lead engineer at Google for the Kubeflow project, an effort to help developers and enterprises deploy and use ML cloud-natively everywhere. He’s been building on Kubernetes since its inception starting with Dataflow and then moving onto Cloud ML Engine and now Kubeflow.

Photo of Hamel Husain

Hamel Husain


Hamel Husain is a Senior Data Scientist at Github who is focused on creating the next generation of developer tools powered by machine learning. His work involves extensive use of natural language and deep learning techniques to extract features from code and text. Prior to Github, Hamel was a Data Scientist at Airbnb where he worked on growth marketing and at DataRobot where he helped build automated machine learning tools for data scientists.

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