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April 15-18, 2019
New York, NY

Leveraging AI in a Large Organization

Alex Siegman (Dow Jones), Kabir Seth (Wall Street Journal)
1:45pm5:15pm Tuesday, April 16, 2019
AI Business Summit
Location: Mercury Ballroom
Secondary topics:  AI in the Enterprise, Financial Services, Media, Marketing, Advertising

Who is this presentation for?

This tutorial is for product managers, product directors, C-level executives or anybody else charged with leveraging AI in a large organization.



Prerequisite knowledge

To make the most of our tutorial, attendees should be interested in leveraging AI in a large organization. No prior, technical knowledge is necessary.

Materials or downloads needed in advance

Attendees will only need to bring themselves and an open mind.

What you'll learn

Attendees will learn to identify what business problems best lend themselves to AI intervention,


Being prepared to not only implement an AI solution, but to implement it well, is difficult. All of these complications are compounded when working at a large organization.

First and foremost, AI is not well suited to solve all business problems, and there is immense value in recognizing that before going too far down a temporal and budgetary hole.

Furthermore, every step in the AI project management process, from data intake and manipulation to model selection to output analysis to development and, ultimately, deployment, brings with it unique challenges and considerations.

Finally, AI is fraught with ethical, social and legal implications.

In this tutorial, we will walk through the steps necessary to appropriately leverage AI in a large organization: This includes tips and tricks for identifying business opportunities that lend themselves to AI, as well as best practices for each step of the AI project management process, all while navigating complex organizational structures.

Photo of Alex Siegman

Alex Siegman

Dow Jones

While his focus today is Artificial Intelligence, Alex’s expertise is in successfully managing projects, products and people. In studying and perfecting the constants – those skills and techniques necessary to design, develop and deploy revenue-driving technologies across place and time. He currently serves as an AI Technical Program Manager at Dow Jones and co-lead of the Dow Jones AI Center of Excellence.

Photo of Kabir Seth

Kabir Seth

Wall Street Journal

Kabir Seth is currently the Director of Operations for the Wall Street Journal Product, Design and Engineering lead and the co-lead of the AI Center of Excellence at Dow Jones. He has worked in a variety of industries including Apparel, Travel and Children’s media. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family watching movies, playing with legos and writing fiction.

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