September 26-27, 2016
New York, NY
Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond
GM, Business AI, Microsoft


Mark Hammond is cofounder and CEO at Bonsai. Mark has a deep passion for understanding how the mind works and has been thinking about AI throughout his career. He has held positions at Microsoft and numerous startups and in academia, including turns at Numenta and in the Yale Neuroscience Department. He holds a degree in computation and neural systems from Caltech.


3:45pm–4:25pm Monday, 09/26/2016
Implementing AI
Location: 3D08 Level: Intermediate
Mark Hammond (Microsoft)
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Mark Hammond explains how Bonsai’s platform enables every developer to add intelligence to their software or hardware, regardless of AI expertise. Bonsai’s suite of tools—a new programming language, AI engine, and cloud service—abstracts away the lowest-level details of programming AI, allowing developers to focus on concepts they want a system to learn and how those concepts can be taught. Read more.