September 26-27, 2016
New York, NY
Pete Warden

Pete Warden
Mobile/Embedded Lead, TensorFlow


Pete Warden is the mobile/embedded lead for the TensorFlow team. Pete was formerly the CTO of Jetpac, which was acquired by Google for its deep learning technology optimized to run on mobile and embedded devices. He previously worked at Apple on GPU optimizations for image processing and has written several books on data processing for O’Reilly.


11:00am–11:40am Tuesday, 09/27/2016
Location: River Pavilion B
Pete Warden (TensorFlow)
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Pete Warden shows you how to train an object recognition model on your own images and then integrate it into a mobile application. Drawing on concrete examples, Pete demonstrates how to apply advanced machine learning to practical problems without the need for deep theoretical knowledge or even much coding. Read more.