September 26-27, 2016
New York, NY

The future of AI

Oren Etzioni (Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence)
11:50am–12:30pm Monday, 09/26/2016
Location: River Pavilion B
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What you'll learn

  • Understand a perspective on the future of AI based on cutting-edge research at the Allen Institute for AI
  • Description

    Oren Etzioni offers his perspective on the future of AI, based on cutting-edge research at the Allen Institute for AI on projects such as Aristo and Semantic Scholar.. This future reflects the institute’s mission: AI for the common good.

    Photo of Oren Etzioni

    Oren Etzioni

    Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

    Oren Etzioni is chief executive officer of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence. Oren has been a professor in the University of Washington’s Computer Science Department since 1991, receiving several awards including GeekWire’s Hire of the Year (2014), Seattle’s Geek of the Year (2013), the Robert Engelmore Memorial Award (2007), the IJCAI Distinguished Paper Award (2005), AAAI Fellow (2003), and a National Young Investigator Award (1993). He is also the founder or cofounder of several companies including Farecast (sold to Microsoft in 2008) and Decide (sold to eBay in 2013) and the author of over 100 technical papers that have garnered over 25,000 citations. The goal of Oren’s research is to solve fundamental problems in AI, particularly the automatic learning of knowledge from text. Oren holds a PhD from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from Harvard.