September 26-27, 2016
New York, NY

Deep learning at scale and use cases

Naveen Rao (Intel)
10:00am–10:15am Tuesday, 09/27/2016
Location: River Pavilion B
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Deep learning has made a major impact in the last three years. Imperfect interactions with machines, such as speech, natural language processing, and image processing, have been made robust by deep learning that finds usable structure in large datasets. However, the training process is lengthy and has proven difficult to scale due to constraints of existing compute architectures. In addition, there is a need for standardized tools for building and scaling deep learning solutions. Naveen Rao outlines deep learning challenges and explores how changes to the organization of computation and communication can lead to advances in capabilities. Naveen also discusses potential use cases and how current Nervana customers are transforming the way they do business by using artificial intelligence.

Photo of Naveen Rao

Naveen Rao


Naveen Rao is the vice president and general manager of artificial intelligence solutions at Intel. Naveen’s fascination with computation in synthetic and neural systems began around age 9 when he began learning about circuits that store information and encountered the AI themes prevalent in sci-fi at the time. He went on to study electrical engineering and computer science at Duke, but continued to stay in touch with biology by modeling neuromorphic circuits as a senior project. After studying computer architecture at Stanford, Naveen spent the next 10 years designing novel processors at Sun Microsystems and Teragen, specialized chips for wireless DSP at Caly Networks, video content delivery at Kealia, Inc., and video compression at W&W Comms. After a stint in finance doing algorithmic trading optimization at ITG, Naveen was part of the Qualcomm’s neuromorphic research group leading the effort on motor control and doing business development. Naveen was the founder and CEO of Nervana (acquired by Intel), which brings together engineering disciplines and neural computational paradigms to evolve the state of the art and make machines smarter. Naveen holds a PhD in neuroscience from Brown, where he studied neural computation and how it relates to neural prosthetics in the lab of John Donoghue.