September 26-27, 2016
New York, NY

The new artificial intelligence frontier

Babak Hodjat (Sentient Technologies)
4:35pm–5:15pm Monday, 09/26/2016
Impact on business and society
Location: 3D09 Level: Non-technical
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What you'll learn

The hard problems of Applied AI and how we can solve them


The rise of data and processing power has created the perfect opportunity for AI to identify and derive intelligence from previously unseen patterns in large amounts of data. Babak Hodjat discusses the progress in AI, diving into how AI can offer unique solutions in verticals such as investment, medical diagnosis, and ecommerce. Babak details how using massively scaled distributed evolutionary computation, mimicking biological evolution, allows an AI to learn, adapt, and react faster to provide customers with the answers and decisions they need.

Photo of Babak Hodjat

Babak Hodjat

Sentient Technologies

Babak Hodjat is cofounder and chief scientist of Sentient, where he is responsible for the core technology behind the world’s largest distributed artificial intelligence system. Babak is a serial entrepreneur, having started a number of Silicon Valley companies as main inventor and technologist. Prior to cofounding Sentient, Babak was senior director of engineering at Sybase iAnywhere, where he led mobile solutions engineering. Previously, Babak was cofounder, CTO, and board member of Dejima Inc. (acquired by Sybase) and was the primary inventor of Dejima’s patented, agent-oriented technology applied to intelligent interfaces for mobile and enterprise computing—the technology behind Apple’s Siri. Babak is a published scholar in the fields of artificial life, agent-oriented software engineering, and distributed artificial intelligence and has 25 granted or pending patents to his name. Babak holds a PhD in machine intelligence from Kyushu University, in Fukuoka, Japan.