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Sep 4-5, 2018: Training
Sep 5-7, 2018: Tutorials & Conference
San Francisco, CA
Annie O'Connor

Annie O'Connor
Chief Client Officer, milk+honey


Annie O’Connor is chief client officer at milk+honey, where she draws on her ability to connect with senior leaders and front-line workers alike to act as a point of contact throughout a client’s engagement with the company. Annie’s experience leading enterprise transformation initiatives for some of the world’s largest commercial and philanthropic organizations leaves her exceptionally well qualified to identify and shape AI-related business strategy, while her formal training in gender studies and international relations imbues her natural optimism with healthy doses of pragmatism and a truly global perspective. Living and working in some of the most challenging environments for business has taught her how to simultaneously communicate change and advocate for those most affected by it.


1:30pm–5:00pm Wednesday, September 5, 2018
AI Business Summit, AI in the Enterprise
Location: Yosemite ABC Level: Beginner
Secondary topics:  AI in the Enterprise
Beth Partridge (milk+honey), Nick Paquin (milk+honey), Annie O'Connor (milk+honey)
Utilizing AI technologies to advance business goals remains one of the most daunting challenges for many business leaders. Beth Partridge, assisted by Nick Paquin and Annie O'Connor, shares a breakthrough approach that bridges the gap between data science and business. Join in to gain a clear understanding of what AI can do for your business and how to go about implementing it. Read more.