Sep 9–12, 2019

Executive Briefing: Similar but different—Delivering software with AI

Jana Eggers (Nara Logics)
4:00pm4:40pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Location: LL21 A/B

Who is this presentation for?

Anyone who designs, develops or delivers software




Just as we’ve gotten settled into best practices for software design and delivery across a variety of platforms (desktop, web, mobile), we get another wrench thrown in the works: AI. What changes and what stay the same? The 6 similarities I’ve seen:

  • Need for MVP focus
  • PM, PD, and UX required
  • Know thy user
  • It’s more complicated than you expect
  • Success means constant evolution
  • Hype is distracting

The 6 corresponding difference:

  • Data leads in MVP definition (versus ideas)
  • Diversity is required
  • Help the user know themselves
  • It’s complex
  • Success (often) means the business is evolving with the software
  • Hype is masking reality

This talk will go through each, why they will likely impact your project, and what to do about that.

Prerequisite knowledge

Software design to delivery experience helpful to relate.

What you'll learn

A framework for thinking about how your org needs to stay the same and change for delivering s/w with AI.
Photo of Jana Eggers

Jana Eggers

Nara Logics

Jana Eggers is CEO of the neuroscience-inspired artificial intelligence platform company Nara Logics. An experienced tech exec focused on inspiring teams to build great products, Jana has started and grown companies and led large organizations at public companies. She’s active in customer-inspired innovation, the artificial intelligence industry, the autonomy-mastery-purpose-style leadership, and running and triathlons. Previously, she held technology and executive positions at Intuit, Blackbaud, Los Alamos National Laboratory (computational chemistry and super computing), Basis Technology (internationalization technology), Lycos, American Airlines, Spreadshirt (ecomm), and startups that you’ve never heard of.

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