Sep 9–12, 2019

Repeatable AI-driven digital transformation: Insights from 1,000 projects

Debo Olaosebikan (Gigster)
4:00pm4:40pm Thursday, September 12, 2019
Location: 230 B

Who is this presentation for?

CEOs, CMOs, CROs, CIOs, CTOs, Chief Digital Officers, Innovation Leads. Companies looking to start AI efforts or scale existing initial efforts.




Though AI has powered dramatic improvements at top technology companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook and has rightly garnered a huge buzz as an important technology force there is a still a huge gulf between the promise of AI and the reality of enterprise adoption and business impact. A key reason is an inadequate understanding at the executive level of what drives successful use of AI to drive transformative outcomes. Given such an understanding, there aren’t many examples of how to actually go from the current state of an organization to a center of excellence and to drive success repeatedly.

In this talk, I will first put forward a practical definition of AI for enterprises and extract insights from over 1000 real world software projects from organizations all over the world that allow for building towards a general framework for driving business impact from software.

The talk will go over specific use cases where AI has become more central to delivering novel customer experiences and business efficiencies. Unlike in the typical demo or proof of concept use cases intended mainly for checking a box, in all of these use cases there have been strong executive mandates for driving real business impact as well as significant investments made to ensure success.

These use cases allow us to bring the definition of AI as well as the important component technologies to life for executives. We also then use these use cases to dig into the challenges faced by real organizations not only in building out the initial use cases but in laying the groundwork for sustained transformation.

Finally we present a technical and organizational maturity model framework gleaned from direct experience on a multitude of significantly sized AI projects, data from our partners and enterprise clients that are focused on driving business impact. The maturity model allows companies think through a practical path from zero to one and an eventual AI center of excellence within their organizations.

Prerequisite knowledge

No important technical requirements. Attendees are expected to have experience either with making important decisions to drive key business outcomes or with leveraging technology as part of company initiatives.

What you'll learn

A pragmatic understanding of AI How to contextualize business impact of AI An understanding of the most dramatic AI successes An understanding of key drivers of success and failure in AI efforts An understanding of key AI technologies An understanding of core AI use cases An understanding of key enterprise challenges A framework for thinking about how to build from 0 to a center of excellence based on data from over 1000 software projects
Photo of Debo Olaosebikan

Debo Olaosebikan


Debo Olaosebikan is an entrepreneur & engineer based in San Francisco. Debo has founded multiple marketplace, energy, and AI startups and is on leave from a Physics PhD at Cornell where he was lead researcher from Cornell, on an MIT/ Department of Defense project to build the world’s first electric silicon laser.

Through various projects and startups in Nigeria and the US he has worked on labor marketplaces, AI for software testing & medical diagnoses, NLP-based query and recommendation engines, carbon nanotube theory, spintronics, nanophotonics, interactive books and authoring tools, silicon lasers, collaborative data science systems and optical tweezers.

He was once a radio featured musician and was the young Nigerian scientist of 2011. Upon taking a leave from his PhD., Debo moved out to Silicon Valley and along with Roger Dickey founded Gigster, an on-demand service for software development & design with a network of 1000 top engineers, product managers and designers. Gigster is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint, Greylock, and Y Combinator. Debo advises startups and helps young founders as a mentor at the Thiel Fellowship.

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