Sep 9–12, 2019

Deploying and serving chatbot models at Amazon scale

Hagay Lupesko (Amazon Web Services)
11:55am12:35pm Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Location: Expo Hall 3

Who is this presentation for?

Software Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Applied Scientists, Technical Managers




In this session, you will learn how Lex, Amazon’s cloud-based AI-powered chatbot service, was architected, built and deployed. In the session we will go over practical considerations for deploying and maintaining deep learning models in production, we will survey the team’s learnings, and will explore the technologies used by the service: Apache MXNet and MXNet Model Server, and how they were leveraged to build and scale the successful service.

Prerequisite knowledge

Software engineering. Basic knowledge of deep learning.

What you'll learn

Deploying deep learning models in production. Designing DL-powered systems.
Photo of Hagay Lupesko

Hagay Lupesko

Amazon Web Services

Hagay Lupesko is part of the deep learning leadership team at Amazon Web Services, and currently works to democratize Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning through cloud services and open source projects such as MXNet and ONNX. He has been busy building software for the past 15 years, and still enjoys every bit of it (literally)! He engineered and shipped products across various domains: from 3D cardiac imaging with real time in-vessel tracking, through semi-conductors fab systems that measures structures the size of molecules, and up to web-scale systems with global distribution.

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