Sep 9–12, 2019

QuEST vision analytics solution with OpenVINO and Intel AI

Rubayat Mahmud (QuEST Global)
2:30pm2:40pm Tuesday, September 10, 2019
Location: 230 A

QuEST Global has established an Intel AI Lab for developing and scaling Intel AI-based solutions globally and has been collaborating with the Intel AI team to bring Intel AI-, Vision-, OpenVINO-based solutions in different verticals including industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, banking and financial sectors. Rubayat Mahmud showcases some of QuEST Global’s Intel AI-based solutions in these verticals and outlines the Intel AI value proposition for solutions in different verticals.

Photo of Rubayat Mahmud

Rubayat Mahmud

QuEST Global

Rubayat Mahmud is a director of sales and business development at QuEST Global, where he’s involved in scaling emerging technology (AI, deep learning, ML, and IOT) solutions with QuEST Global’s customers and partners, and he drives the relationship between QuEST Global and Intel Corporation. Previously, Rubayat was with Intel for 10 years, where he worked in multiple divisions including PTD, CQN, ATTD, and IOTG. Rubayat has a PhD in chemical engineering from Texas A&M University and an MBA from Arizona State University.

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