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Conversational AI in Amazon Alexa

Ashwin Ram (Amazon)
11:55am–12:35pm Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Location: Yosemite BC
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Conversational AI in Amazon Alexa

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Ashwin Ram


Ashwin Ram is senior manager of AI science for Alexa, the intelligent agent that powers Amazon’s Echo and other devices, where he leads R&D initiatives to create advanced technologies for conversational agents, including the university-facing Alexa Prize competition. Ashwin is a distinguished artificial intelligence researcher and entrepreneur. Previously, he managed the interactive intelligence research area at PARC, leading a team to invent new behavior change technologies to help people adopt healthier lifestyles; was a professor in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech and director of the Cognitive Computing Lab; and cofounded multiple startups, including online social learning network OpenStudy (acquired by Brainly) and Enkia (acquired by Sentiment360), which developed AI software for social media applications. He is the author of two books and over 100 scientific articles published in international forums. Ashwin holds a PhD from Yale University, an MS from the University of Illinois, and a BTech from IIT Delhi. He is a closet anthropologist and loves travel, people, and culture.