Alex Gaber

Alex Gaber
Technical Evangelist, Alcatel Lucent

Website | @alexgaber

Alex Gaber, Alcatel-Lucent Technical Evangelist, Application Enablement Platform. Alex brings a wealth of technical expertise in cross-platform mobile app development, web development, API enabled platforms, and software development tools. His focus at Alcatel Lucent is to promote the adoption of APIs of Service Providers who utilize 2G,3G and 4G LTE technologies globally, and assist the developer community with best practices for application integration. Alex was most recently with Rhomobile, a leading cross platform framework for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 applications. Prior to that he was with Mashery, one of the earliest entrants in the Cloud and API Management infrastructure industry. He has also held an executive role at TechExcel, a leader in software development tools (SDLC / ALM), where he managed major development process transformations at clients such as Motorola and John Deere. Earlier, Alex was a Strategy Consultant with Keystone Strategy, working with Harvard Business School professors to advise Microsoft on their developer ecosystem strategy.


App Development Seacliff D
Alex Gaber (Alcatel Lucent)
Every once in a while a new technology changes the game. Some benefit from it while others fail to adapt. Long Term Evolution, or LTE for short, is on surface just yet another fast wireless standard bringing us faster mobile networking. But just like the freeway was much more than just a faster road, LTE actually has a chance to change the rules for app developers and create new possibilities. Read more.
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