Building Mobile Tools for Rights Defenders and Activists

App Development Seacliff D

Over the past decade, mobile technology has vastly
expanded the global reach of activists and rights defenders. As these
groups have become increasingly reliant on mobile technology, they have
also become increasingly vulnerable to attacks that seek to disrupt
their activity and operations. We’ll explore a number of Android
applications designed for and used by this community, examining a number
of best practices along the way.

Derek Halliday

Guardian Project

Derek is the west coast lead for the Guardian Project, an effort to build secure, open-source mobile solutions for activists, journalists and human rights organizations. Focused on mobile product & project management, Derek leads application usability design, testing, training and trial management. Prior to his work at Guardian, Derek served as product manager at Peek, where he helped build and launch a nationwide low-cost mobile messaging handheld.

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Derek Halliday
10/11/2011 7:05am PDT

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