Riding the Mobile Gold Rush: Leveraging Cloud Data Across Multiple Mobile Platforms

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The face of IT and of mobile computing is dramatically changing before our very eyes. There are an estimated 4 ½ billion mobile devices on earth. A successful mobile application can result in millions of simultaneous users, consuming gigabytes of data per day. Everything from games, to business apps, to social networks are putting unbelievable demands on developers and server side technologies. How does the modern developer come to terms with these monumental challenges?

The bottom line is that the mobile gold rush is in high gear and smart planning by you will make a difference. If your Android app gets 2 million customers, there’s ANOTHER 2 million to win on iOS.

One thing is clear from all this – developers need a highly scalable cloud-based data store in the cloud that is flexible, secure, and robust. Additionally, this data store needs to be accessible by multiple device types, not just the android devices. And most importantly, the data store must be economical – as demand for application data increases so must the ability to deliver this data in a timely fashion.
If demand for this data trends downward, developers and businesses will need to save money by dialing down the scale.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Come spend an action packed 40 minutes with us as we show you how to host this highly scalable data in the cloud and consume the data from not only an Android device, but also from iOS, and Windows Phone 7.

You will walk away with concepts, techniques, and reusable code to better prepare you for this brave new world of mobile computing. You’ll see how Microsoft’s cloud platform supports the major tablets and phone devices you have in mind. And to reward you for your time, we are going to give away a Windows Phone and Xbox Kinect bundle.

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Bruno Terkaly


As an evangelist at Microsoft, Bruno Terkaly spends time writing code and giving live presentations on building cloud-based applications using the Windows Azure Platform. Some of his key responsibilities include assisting and directly engaging with some of the largest software brands in the world to help them understand and adopt Azure as a public cloud platform; acting as an architect and advisor taking existing on-premises and AWS architectures and migrating them to a scalable, fault-tolerant, highly available, and robust global public cloud presence; and finding gaps in the platform from lessons learned in the field to help engineering roadmaps better meet customer needs. Bruno also has a strong interest in mobile computing and is convinced that both mobile and cloud platforms are poised for huge growth over the next 10 years.

Bruno’s depth of knowledge comes from years of experience in the field. Prior to evangelism, Bruno was a Microsoft premier field engineer, helping customers in remote locations work through extreme troubleshooting scenarios, including problem isolation and correction, live and postmortem debugging, on-the-fly application design and code reviews, performance tuning (IIS, SQL Server, .NET), application stability, porting/migration assistance, configuration management, prerollout testing, and general development consulting. Since Turbo C and 8086 Assembler in the late 80s, Bruno has kept busy teaching and writing code in a multitude of platforms, languages, frameworks, SDKs, libraries, and APIs. Bruno is the founder of Bay Area Azure Meeting, where over the past year, he has engaged audiences about cloud technologies. Bruno has also traveled all around the US and in Europe conducting cloud bootcamps and seminars.

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