Scaling Android System Configurations Into The Hundreds

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Being an Android device manufacturer, producing flashable software images for your devices is easy if you have a limited number of configurations for the markets or operators that you target. That’s what Android’s build system and resource framework was made for. But what if you have hundreds of different configurations? What if a country or operator requires you to bundle a particular application? What if it forbids you to bundle an application? What if geopolitics prevents you from supporting a language on a certain market? What if all these combinations make stock Android’s mechanisms insufficient for your needs? This session will explore these issues and possible solutions, including Sony Ericsson’s use of the Debian package manager to assemble Android software systems.

Photo of Magnus Bäck

Magnus Bäck

Sony Ericsson

Magnus has worked with software configuration management, build management, and development tools at Sony Ericsson’s main development hub in Lund, Sweden, since 2004 when he graduated from Lund Institute of Technology.

Initially working with the company’s proprietary mobile phone platform, his focus shifted to Android in early 2009 when his main task became to figure out how to get hundreds of software developers to thrive in a new Linux environment with Git-based source control — and how to actually make useful mobile phone software from their work. Magnus currently spends his time with the configurability of Sony Ericsson’s Android software platform, branching strategies for efficient parallel work, and the occasional makefile and Python hacks.

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