The Good, The Bad, And The (Hopefully Not) Ugly

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We have never lived in such interesting times for mobile software development. Developers have more choice and runway for innovation than ever before and we hope to keep it that way. Android has skyrocketed as a platform with both developers and consumers. However, it is not a perfect environment and developers continue to wrestle with shortcomings in the Android and Honeycomb platforms, which we also explore in this talk. Most importantly, 2011 has been an incredibly watershed year (Google acquisition of Motorola, AT&T acquisition of T-Mobile, HP TouchPad launch and shutdown, etc) that will have lasting ripple effects on the ecosystem. We will focus on what developers need to watch out for in the changing mobile ecosystem and how they can best prepare for long term success.

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John Malloy

BlueRun Ventures

John Malloy, Partner, co-founded BlueRun Ventures in 1998 and brings over 25 years of experience in early stage venture and technology. John enjoys working with early stage companies and entrepreneurs as they chart their strategy and launch their products. John has successfully invested in a broad spectrum of technologies and services including companies such as Paypal (EBAY), Bitfone (HP), Slide (GOOG) and (ERTS). Today, John focuses on early stage opportunities particularly in mobile software and consumer internet. Some of John’s current investments include Chomp, Topsy, and Waze.

Prior to starting the firm, John spent more than 15 years in management and executive roles at Nokia, MCI and a communications services start-up. He holds a J.D. from George Mason School of Law and a B.A. from Boston College.

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