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Thanks to Android’s powerful framework and component set, it’s not hard to get a compelling application developed relatively quickly. If you’re lucky enough to have a good eye for design, or know where you can find someone who does, Android apps can even look pretty good. In this workshop we’re going to focus on what’s hard: designing a good user experience for the Android platform.

Over the three hours we’ll take an application from the initial idea through the process of sketching, prototyping, user testing, design tweaking, spiking features, “vanilla skin” development, production asset integration, and styling and skinning the final product.

We’ll be covering designer/developer workflow issues, the many ways that an Android app is not an iPhone app, how to prove your concept quickly with users, how to communicate about and deliver production assets quickly, and advanced skinning and styling of Android applications.

Photo of Tony Hillerson

Tony Hillerson

Tack Mobile

Tony Hillerson is a partner and mobile developer at Tack Mobile.

Photo of Juan  Sanchez

Juan Sanchez


Juan Sanchez is an experience architect at EffectiveUI, a leading provider of rich interactive applications, based in Denver, Colo. Equipped with a creative eye and logical mind, Juan walks the line between designer and developer. He also manages, a Web site dedicated to compiling skins and themes for Flex, and is currently co-authoring a book on creating visual experiences in Flex. As a member of the Degrafa team, Juan brings a designer’s perspective to the evolving framework.

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Picture of Tony Hillerson
Tony Hillerson
10/12/2011 1:22am PDT

Hey Chad,

Sorry to hear the talk didn’t cover what you were expecting. Three hours seems like a lot of time, but as we started to get the content ready there was so much to cover we had to make a call about what direction we’d go. Design as a general practice is something that’s important for all app makers, since we all ultimately participate in design. It’s also much less covered than the more practical tips and tricks type of topic.

I was glad to see the “Beautiful Android” talk from Eric Burke (Square) on the schedule, because that helped me decide to step back from overlapping his talk. Hopefully you got to see that talk, because it had more of what you were specifically looking for.

Chad Schultz
10/12/2011 12:24am PDT

I hoped the session would teach how to take a concept, flesh it out into Activities and functional sections and to create a functional, well-designed UI specific to Android. In reality, it seemed to be targeted for people who want to be full-time designers but have no experience at it, spending an inordinate amount of time on technical design vocabulary, and very, very little time on Android UI best practices. I would have much rather heard specific actionable items I can use as a developer; common UI mistakes, the best components to use in different programming situations,e tc.

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