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Apps are everywhere and it is becoming clear that every CMO, CTO or CIO needs to evaluate their place in the overall strategy. But apps are only worth doing if they are done right. Whether it’s created for business efficiency or for consumer brand building, mobile application development must now be approached with the same discipline as any other technology initiative. In this session, Will Ro, global director of “HTCpro” :, uses real-world case studies to discuss the things you should consider before you begin pursuing your own mobile app.

  • Build a strategy, then an app, not vice-versa. Learn how an app should align and integrate with your overall digital or mobile strategy.
  • Consider multiple platforms from the very beginning. Learn why it makes sense to create a multi-platform strategy from the very beginning to give you better coverage of potential users and to deliver better economies of scale.
  • Off-the-shelf apps can be more expensive long-term. Learn how custom apps can better provide the kind of strategic alignment, brand integration and customer engagement that large companies and brands require.
  • Create an app to make things easier, not more complex. Learn how to listen to your end-users and embed your app’s functionality into existing processes.
  • An app is only worth doing if it’s done right. Learn how to best navigate though the many moving parts involved in any robust mobile application development process.

Will Ro


Will Ro, Global Director, HTCpro – As the Global Director of HTCpro, the businesses services channel of HTC, Will Ro has established himself as a leader in helping businesses realize the possibilities of mobile technology, including the strategic development of mobile applications, device management programs and mobile education. He has built his position with years of experience across enterprise sales, system integration, wireless, network security, and business planning, as well as solid experience in IT integration and how it builds off of business processes.

  • HTCpro
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Open Invention Network
  • X.commerce
  • Black Duck Software
  • BugSense
  • Dolby
  • Intel
  • Make magazine
  • Marvell
  • Meshin
  • MIPS Technologies

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