Android for the Enterprise: Getting from Here to There

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Much work has already gone into securing Android and building in device management capabilities. Despite that, the Android ecosystem can still not offer an enterprise deployment experience and security that are on par with those of other leading platforms. Some of the gaps are in the platform itself, but equally importantly there are major cloud and server-side infrastructure components that need to be provided. We go over each of these, and describe our work at 3LM in the context of the Android status quo.

In the Android platform, we discuss how the open nature of Android allows us to complement the operating system with the enhancements that enterprise users demand. For the cloud and enterprise infrastructure we discuss the types of different deployments that we encounter and the capabilities required to support them. Finally, we go over the challenges of building an enterprise-grade third-party development platform, and the opportunities that it opens up.

3LM (Three Laws of Mobility) is a subsidiary of Motorola Mobility, focusing on delivering enterprise-ready Android. The company has partnerships with the major handset manufacturers which ensure the availability of enterprise-grade security and manageability to a wide variety of smartphones.

Hristo Bojinov


Hristo Bojinov is responsible for the security architecture of 3LM products. Concurrently, he is a PhD candidate at Stanford University where his research focuses on mobile and web security. Previously, Hristo was in charge of building storage security and key management appliances at Decru (and later at NetApp). Before that, he built scalable mobile application server software at Oracle. Hristo holds a S.B. from MIT and M.S. from Stanford.

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Hristo Bojinov
10/13/2011 12:30am PDT

Hi Thomas, the talk was in the “Business & Marketing” track, so we tried to tailor it accordingly. Sorry if it came through as a sales pitch, it was not intended to be that (but it was also not intended to be deeply technical for the reason I mentioned, and because of the time allotted). If you would like to have a more technical conversation I would be happy to discuss!

Best, Hristo

Thomas Balsloev
10/12/2011 7:01pm PDT

Hi Hristo.

Personally I thought your talk was more a sales speach for 3LM than a talk about android and it’s appliance in your product. For me as an android developer the talk was too superficial… But I may not be in your target group?

Best regards, Thomas.

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