Design, Building and Architecture Strategy for Twin Towers: Android & iOS

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Android is gathering massive market share in smart phone. It is a growing trend for businesses, companies and startup to build and launch Android and iOS simultaneously. Android and iOS’s SDK, OS platform and device are very different in nature. What are the challenges to deliver the same app to both Android and iOS on the same time line? We gather a panel of experience mobile designers and developers to share their insight and experience in both Android and iOS world.

Photo of Bess Ho

Bess Ho

Archimedes Ventures

Bess Ho is the Mobile Architect (EIR) at Archimedes Ventures. She gesture lectures at well-established universities and teaches mobile design and development privately and online at She is also an active mobile publisher and hacker. The team she led won “Best Healthcare” category at iPhone Dev Camp in 2009 and 2011 and receive “Honorable Mention” at iPad Dev Camp 2010. She won top prizes in iOS app at Muther! Hackathon in 2011. She is also a winner recipient of Nokia Open Screen Project Fund in 2010.

Bess has presented at major tech conferences and events in Web20 Expo SF, Where20 Conference, Plug and Play Mobile Play conference, Silicon Valley Code Camp (SVCC), Techcrunch Disrupt Hackathon, Silicon Valley China Wireless Conference (SVCW) and local user groups. She served as the Technical Editor of the first Open Social developer book “Building OpenSocial Apps: A Field Guide to Working with MySpace Platform”, written by MySpace Chief Software Architect. She is also the book author of “Sam Teach Yourself the Twitter API in 24 Hours”.

Photo of Amir Youssefi

Amir Youssefi

Citrus Labs

Amir Youssefi is a mobile and cloud software developer. He has worked as Software Architect, Engineering Manager, Sr. Data Warehousing/Java Engineer at Fortune/Inc 500 companies such as Yahoo, Apple and Plateau. He is Co-founder & CTO at ParsExpo e-commerce; Amir holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Sharif University of Technology

Photo of Jean Hsu

Jean Hsu


Jean Hsu co-leads Android development at Pulse and has helped to grow the Android userbase from a quarter million users to over 2.5 million. Before she entered the startup world, she worked at Google on P2P payment experiments. Jean holds a Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science from Princeton University. She blogs and tweets about her startup adventures and Android tips at and @jyhsu.

Photo of Indrajit Khare

Indrajit Khare

Bump Technologies Inc.

“Indy”; specializes in client-side mobile development, both on Android and iOS. Before joining Bump, Indy founded a mobile startup that created some of the most popular early iPhone apps. Indy did his Masters at Stanford focusing on HCI and design after graduating from UCSD. To clear his mind, Indy spends his weekends hiking and trying out delicious new restaurants.

Photo of Purin Phanichphant

Purin Phanichphant


Though at different times, he’s masqueraded as a Hollywood star, a part-time prince, and a buddhist monk, Purin has always been a designer at heart. Drawing inspiration from his native Thailand, where fun, play, and lightheartedness are a way of life, and his fetish for buttons, knobs, and displays, Purin has designed a number of playful and interactive creations. His most recent work includes a six-foot-tall land-glider dubbed the Death Wheel 3000dx, an interface for human-computer sex, a wall covered with all the tap lights in the Bay Area, and a machine that churns out authentic Thai food with the push of a button.

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