Extending HTML5 with Native Code: PhoneGap Plugins

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This talk is a technical deep-dive in how PhoneGap works, and how to extend it by writing plugins and implementing other features with PhoneGap and the Android SDK. This will cover the following:

  • How to use plugins with PhoneGap Android
  • How to implement non-PhoneGap features to work alongside PhoneGap
  • How to deal with compatibility across the various versions of Android with PhoneGap

Due to the increasing diversity of devices, it’s likely that a user may want to add support for a device-specific feature. This will allow users to write apps that take advantage of the best the web and native have to offer so that their app can be a First Class application on Android.

This talk will be based on previous work done by Nitobi and other PhoneGap developers and will look at various case studies where we decide what the best tool for the job is, and show exactly what can and what can’t be done with PhoneGap, even with the Android browser.

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Joe Bowser


Joe is the creator of the Android implementation of PhoneGap, which has been used in products featured in Popular Science, and as part of the Sony Web SDK. He also works on various client projects developing mobile applications for many platforms using PhoneGap and other frameworks that leverage web technologies. He spends his spare time going to various security conferences, and helping run the Vancouver Hacker Space, which he co-founded, as well as contributing to other Open Source projects.

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Picture of louis meadows
louis meadows
10/08/2011 2:41pm PDT

There is a question on how Google feels about Phonegap access to camera, I think they are good with it, but does anyone really know. As a member of GTUG I like being in good graces with google, they provided food for SV code camp today and all our meet-ups at googleplex

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