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I founded OTIVO in 1997. We do usability research and testing and QA for web apps, mobile apps, iOS apps, Android apps. I love gadgets. I learned computing by programming in BASIC when I was a kid. I mix cocktails, play piano, read blogs, play angry birds ad nauseum (to the delight of my daughter).

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posted over 6 years ago:
rain rain rain
posted over 6 years ago:
this isn't working Use asterisks * to introduce unnumbered list items, and octothorpe # to introduce numbered list items.
posted over 6 years ago:
not quite. try again to get a list * list1 * list2 * list3
posted over 6 years ago:
aha. space required for * askterisks * for * this
posted over 6 years ago:
nice that some html works as well as *asterisks* for that and *asterisks *for *this

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