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Picture of Miguel Haruki Yamaguchi

Miguel Haruki Yamaguchi
Student, Lafayette College

I am a senior at Lafayette College in Easton, PA and am originally from Hyogo, Japan.

As an aspiring software engineer I have worked on several research projects in collaboration with faculty at Lafayette and at the same time I have tried to commit some time as an open-source contributor when possible. I also run several projects of my own (both independently and collaboratively).

In my free time, I like to program (of course!), play piano and compose music, work out, build models, play PC games, and read.

For a relatively up-to-date resume please check the website below or feel free to contact me directly.


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posted over 4 years ago:
This was a very well organized and helpful tutorial. I only started learning Rails a week before the conference, so I was a little hesitant to attend, but was able to get through all the Labs using...

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