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Picture of Chidhanandham Arunachalam

Chidhanandham Arunachalam
Director-Business Development, Ruby On Rails Practice, Sumeru Software Solutions Pvt Ltd

Chidhanandham Arunachalam (“Chidha”) has a terrific aptitude for selling web applications on Ruby on Rails. He has a proven track record of successfully closing business of about USD 1mn in Rails for Sumeru. He has single-handedly grown the Rails team of Sumeru from nothing to 20plus people today, and worked closely with Sumeru’s Rails clients across 5 countries.

He has an extreme client focus, leading to several delighted repeat customers. Having handled project delivery earlier, he brings a keen understanding of the client’s problems which he combines with his acute awareness of the client’s business needs. His focus is always on what needs to be done by Sumeru in aiding the client to improve their Return on Investment.

Chidha is a dynamite sales person, a fantastic account manager, and any client’s dream to have on the vendor side of the table.

Christian Sommerauer, one of Chidha’s repeat clients has this to say – “Rehiring a service provider is probably the best endorsement. Chidha’s tremendous commitment to drive our software development projects forward from requirements analysis through to delivery of the final product has been a deciding factor for my company to work again with him and his highly committed and excellent software development team. This is truly a winning combination.”

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posted over 4 years ago:
Good Content! Great Presentation!
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Appreciate the passion and commitment to Rails
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I just loved this!
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