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Alejandro Cabrera

Alejandro Cabrera
Software Developer II, Rackspace Hosting Inc.

Website | @cppcabrera

Hey! Nice to meet you. I’m a developer at Rackspace, and I work on the Openstack Marconi project during the day. I enjoy learning from others and sharing knowledge.

Great friends, Linux, open source, Python, and Haskell have helped me get to where I am today.


Alejandro Cabrera (Rackspace Hosting Inc.)
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We're building ever larger and more complex systems. Coupled with changing requirements and demands for scaling concurrency and parallelism, taming this complexity is no small order. Allow me to share my excitement with you! I'll show you how Haskell helps tame this complexity, allows you to overcome the challenges of modern software, and make predictions about what the near future holds. Read more.