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Geek Lifestyle
Location: E143/144 Audience level: Novice
Damian Conway (Thoughtstream)
Average rating: ****.
(4.73, 30 ratings)
The class explains the seven basic principles of good presentation: from selecting the right format and content, through preparing your dialogue and visual materials, to delivery techniques and how to handle questions (or the lack thereof). It also provides a dozen simple and practical techniques for making your slides not suck. Read more.
User Experience (UX)
Location: E147 Audience level: Novice
Paris Buttfield-Addison (Secret Lab Pty. Ltd.), Jonathon Manning (Secret Lab Pty. Ltd.)
Average rating: ****.
(4.33, 21 ratings)
In this workshop, you'll learn how to apply the art and science of constructing enjoyable, engaging games. This is entirely non-electronic; we're not talking about programming, game engine development, or how to approach a publisher with your totally rad idea about how you can have, like Mario only there's explosions. Everything you'll work on will be done with pens, paper, and human brain-meat. Read more.
Open Hardware
Location: E145/146
Alasdair Allan (Babilim Light Industries), Kipp Bradford (The Kippworks)
Average rating: **...
(2.88, 16 ratings)
This hands-on workshop will walk you through building a simple distributed sensor network. Using an Arduino board, off-the-shelf sensors, and XBee radios, we'll show you how to put together an individual sensor platform (commonly known as a "mote") and how to network more than one of these platforms together to build a small scale distributed network. Read more.
Open Hardware
Location: E145/146 Audience level: Novice
Philip Lindsay (
Average rating: ****.
(4.45, 20 ratings)
Have you always wanted to create hardware devices to interact with the real world? When you attend this workshop you will: set up an Arduino board and software; learn how the Arduino fits into the field of physical computing; and make your Arduino respond to button presses and blink lights. Hardware is fun! Note: Cost of the kit (USD $57) is included in the registration price for this tutorial. Read more.


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