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Twitter: From Ruby on Rails to the JVM

Raffi Krikorian (Twitter)
Location: Oregon Ballroom 201/202
Average rating: ****.
(4.00, 11 ratings)

Keynote by Raffi Krikorian, developer, Twitter.

Photo of Raffi Krikorian

Raffi Krikorian


At Twitter, @raffi leads the Applications Services group, the custodians of Twitter’s core logic – his teams manage, amongst other things, the business logic, scalable delivery, APIs, and authentication of Twitter’s application. Previously, he was the lead of the public APIs as well as being the one of those behind Twitter’s Geospatial APIs.

Before Twitter he used to create technologies to help people frame their personal energy consumption against global energy production (Wattzon – Business Week’s “Best Idea” 2008), and also ran a consulting company building off-the-wall projects. At one point, he used to teach at NYU’s ITP (created the class “Every Bit You Make”) and spent way too much time as a student at MIT and the MIT Media Lab (Internet 0 – Scientific American September 2004).

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Bill Warner
07/25/2011 10:34am PDT

Good stuff! You spoke of the superiority of the jvm over less mature runtime environments, but I wonder if you can comment on the merits of clojure or scala or especially java as an agile hacking language. Do you feel that these languages (esp java) help with managing complexity? Do you feel that developer productivity can match up with looser languages like ruby or php?