Presentations: Ruby and MySQL

Jeremy McAnally (Arcturo)
It's very important to have a firm grasp of ActiveRecord if one plans on using it with Rails or Ruby; this talk will cover ActiveRecord from the top level abstractions to the nitty-gritty with SQL.
MySQL Cluster is a fault-tolerant, high performance, in memory clustered storage engine. Additionally, it provides a direct API that works underneath the SQL layer that can be used for clients with truly high performance needs.
Michael G. Zinner (Sun Microsystems)
A hands-on discussion of the MySQL Workbench tool showing the benefits for Ruby/Python/PHP, as well as .NET/Java developers. Efficient database schema design and maintenance has never been so easy.
Jeremy McAnally (Arcturo)
This talk will cover the basics of using MySQL with Ruby, providing an overview of the three most popular and pragmatic options: the mysql gem, DBI/DataObjects, and ActiveRecord.
Frank Mashraqi (Opportunities)
Lucene is a high performance, scalable, full-text search engine library that allows you to add search to any application. This presentation shows you how you can use Lucene within your environment.
Seth Fitzsimmons (Yahoo! Inc.)
MySQL's Spatial Extensions and Ruby on Rails are a powerful combination for quickly and simply creating powerful spatially enabled applications.
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