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Ritu Kamboj (Sun Microsystems, Inc), Luojia Chen (Sun Microsystems, Inc.)
This session explains how MySQL can take advantage of advanced technologies in the Solaris OS, thereby expanding the MySQL user base into new and larger enterprises.
Robert Hodges (
Replicated databases are complex to manage, don't provide seamless availability, and require application changes to provide scaling benefits. We show how Continuent's new Tungsten architecture rides new technology trends to create data services with high availability and performance using commodity hardware and off-the-shelf MySQL databases. Tungsten: it's coming to open source!
Kirstan Vandersluis (XAware, Inc.)
Have you been ripping your hair out trying to mix and mash multiple data sources, all of different formats, into something that actually makes sense? There's something to be said for getting all your ducks in a row, and in this session, we'll show you how to regain your sanity when it comes to a distributed, heterogeneous data environment.
Lance Walter (Pentaho Corporation)
Learn how to obtain expert insight and learn best practices to help you achieve operational business intelligence throughout your organization from data warehousing to business intelligence functionality and performance.
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Mike Frost (DataDirect)
In this presentation, Mike Frost, product manager for DataDirect Technologies, will introduce a strategy for separating application logic from MySQL database access logic. The presentation will describe the benefits of a loosely coupled approach for all application and data access logic.
Heikki Tuuri (Innobase / Oracle Corp.), Ken Jacobs (Oracle / Innobase)
If you're new to MySQL, new to transactional applications, or wondering about how InnoDB compares to other emerging storage engines, this session is for you. Your business can depend on reliable, fast, and proven transactional capabilities.
Robin Schumacher (Sun/MySQL), Miriam Tuerk (Infobright Inc), Victoria Eastwood (InfoBright Inc. )
As organizations struggle to cope with increasing amounts of data, MySQL users are looking for ways to scale their data warehouse system. Come learn about new engine technology with proven scalability to 30TB, designed to support complex, ad hoc queries.
David Wartell (R1Soft )
Online backup and restore of mission critical MySQL servers has never been easy. Sure it’s not so bad if you have a small data set and you can afford to take your server offline for a backup. Seriously, how many MySQL deployments fit those requirements? This session helps you make sense of the myriad of MySQL backup options out there.
Daniel Stangel (HP Open Source Program Office), Bruce Huang (HP Open Source Middleware Stacks (OSMS))
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Pierre Baudracco (Linagora)
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Reggie Burnett (Oracle), David Sceppa (Microsoft Corporation)
LINQ is perhaps the most powerful new feature in the .NET Framework, allowing you to query in memory structures like tables in a database. Learn how to use the ADO.NET Entity Framework to construct LINQ queries or Entity SQL queries to interact with data in your MySQL database.
Ed Presz (Ticketmaster, Inc.)
With the help of MySQL 5, Ticketmaster event databases are meeting the growing global live entertainment demand. Learn how they are implementing databases for the Beijing Olympics, and the new features and limitations they encountered upgrading from MySQL 4 to 5.
Raj Cherabuddi (Kickfire)
Learn about the revolutionary hardware and software behind the first high-performance database appliance for MySQL. Find out how Kickfire packs the power of 10s of CPUs into a single SQL chip and delivers record-breaking query performance for reporting and analysis in the industry’s smallest form factor appliance. Raj Cherabuddi will explain all and share the astounding benchmark data.
Einar Rustad (Dolphin Interconnect Solutions )
The PCI express-based, MySQL optimized interconnect reduces latency and overhead and incorporates two levels of fault tolerance. The performance improvements allow customers to reduce their hardware investments and cost of operation and reduce time consuming performance tuning for developers. All fully transparent to the application.
Joseph Chamdani (Kickfire)
Traditionally running complex queries on large database workloads requires expensive high-performance hardware. In this talk, Chamdani will present the key system techniques that remove the I/O bottlenecks to deliver order of magnitude(s) performance improvements on large query intensive applications.
Ian Fyfe (JasperSoft), Mary Flynn (Ten Pages)
This presentation and demonstration will highlight advances that are bringing the power of interactive Ajax web technology and powerful metadata to bring secure self-service business intelligence to business-users and OEM applications. Topics covered will include drag & drop report and dashboard design, JSR-168 portal support, and the new ad hoc query facility.
John Rowell (OpSource, Inc.)
Until this point, SaaS applications have been created in separate silos. However, now there are non-proprietary platform choices as part of the Web 2.0 architecture and other emerging technologies that enable mash-ups and composite applications. Learn how web operations have expanded to include application and business services that affect application development and integration.
Ann Ruckstuhl (Zmanda, Inc.)
Zmanda Recovery Manager (ZRM) for MySQL is a comprehensive, certified, enterprise backup and recovery solution specifically designed for MySQL databases. With ZRM, MySQL database administrators (DBAs) can manage mission-critical, high-volume transaction processing environments with confidence.
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  • Sun Microsystems
  • Symantec Anti-Virus Software
  • XAware
  • Data Direct Technologies
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  • Hewlett Packard
  • Infobright, Inc
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  • Microsoft
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