Presentations: MySQL Cluster and High Availability

Tyler Carlton (LimeWire), Cory Sessions (Nexation, Inc.)
Presentation: 0 to 60 in 3_1 Presentation [PPT]
We did it! Hear how we went from a third party database system to a 60G MySQL Cluster hosting large external web services and intensive internal data applications flawlessly, in three months.
Florian Haas (LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH), Philipp Reisner (LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH)
Is high availability on your agenda? Then this tutorial is a must. It's high-availability clustering on Linux with MySQL and DRBD in a nutshell.
Florian Haas (LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH), Philipp Reisner (LINBIT Information Technologies GmbH)
A high-level introduction to high-availability database clustering on Linux with MySQL Enterprise, Heartbeat, and DRBD.
Brian Moon (
The more popular a web site gets, the more power it takes to run it. Brian Moon will share the journey of their web site from one server, to the cluster they run today, including how they have used MySQL.
Stewart Smith (Percona), Monty Taylor (HP)
A discussion of the use of and internals of the NDB API (through C++ and Java) and execution in MySQL Cluster.
MySQL can be made Highly Available in countless ways, which can make picking the right one tough. We'll compare and contrast many of the popular tools, including Replication, DRBD, Cluster, and more.
Patrick Bolduan (MTV Networks Japan KK), Yoshinori Matsunobu (DeNA)
This session will cover issues including High Availability database architecture using MySQL/DRDB/Heartbeat, modular application design, scale planning, and day-to-day operations of an HA MySQL implementation.
Britt Crawford (, Justin McCarthy (
Some data, such as user-created content, grows so large so fast it simply can't be stored in one database. This session will present HiveDB, an open source system for horizontally partitioning MySQL.
MySQL Cluster is a fault-tolerant, high performance, in memory clustered storage engine. Additionally, it provides a direct API that works underneath the SQL layer that can be used for clients with truly high performance needs.
Stewart Smith (Percona)
A hands-on MySQL Cluster 5.1 tutorial where you'll install and setup MySQL Cluster (on your laptop) and learn about what it is, what it can do, and basic administration skills.
Learn how Paggo utilized a Replicated Cluster to guarantee the necessary High Availability and contingency for financial transactions.
Mikael Ronstrom (MySQL)
Learn about all the tricks required to make MySQL Cluster high performance. This includes using real-time scheduling, batching in all its form, cluster interconnects, and locking threads to CPUs.
James Blair (UC Berkeley), Paul Fisher (UC Berkeley)
UC Berkeley's email system serves 70,000 users. Based on free software, a 22 node MySQL cluster ties the components together. See integration examples with Exim and the SQLAlchemy ORM for Python.
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