Sphinx: High Performance Full Text Search for MySQL

Andrew Aksyonoff (Sphinx Technologies), Peter Zaitsev (Percona Inc)
Location: Ballroom C

Ever-increasing amount of diverse text content stored in MySQL databases makes full text search through that content important to the point of being crucial.

Sphinx improves MySQL full-text capabilities in several different areas: speed, relevancy, scalability, compatibility with storage engines other than MyISAM.

This talk will cover Sphinx features from basic searching to advanced capabilities such as efficient filtering, grouping, distributed searching, geo-distance support, and many others.

We will also talk about different special Sphinx uses in conjunction with MySQL: using Sphinx Storage Engine; moving certain non-fulltext queries to Sphinx clusters to offload MySQL; etc.

Andrew Aksyonoff

Sphinx Technologies

Andrew is the author of Sphinx, an open-source full-text search engine designed especially for indexing databases.

Photo of Peter Zaitsev

Peter Zaitsev

Percona Inc

Peter managed the High Performance Group within MySQL until 2006, when he founded Percona. Peter has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and is an expert in database kernels, computer hardware, and application scaling.

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