Schedule: General sessions

Focused, expert-led sessions offer both analysis and practical advice on a wide variety of subject matters.

Location: San Diego Ballroom B
BJ Fogg (Stanford University), Dan Ackerman-Greenberg (Stanford University / 750 Industries), Robert Fan (Stanford University / 750 Industries)
September 2007: 100 students enroll in a Stanford class on building Facebook apps and social persuasion. By December the students blew everyone away: 50+ amazing apps, 10 million installs, and 1 million daily users. Come hear their story and learn what happened. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Rodney Rumford (FaceReviews)
Find out how to market your business on Facebook using a variety of tools and techniques, and see case studies of other businesses currently using Facebook as a core marketing channel for customer acquisition. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Beth Kanter ( Beth's Blog)
How one woman poked, prodded, tweeted, blogged and mobilized a networked army of supporters to rally their friends and personal networks and raise over $90,000 for Cambodian Orphans, winning the #1 spot for Global Causes for America's Giving Challenge in January 2008. Come hear the story and learn the secrets of success for socially-networked, person-to-person fundraising. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Oren Michels (Mashery), Seth Sternberg (Honor), Jessica Alter (Bebo), Chris Damsen (Netvibes), Jeff Roberto (Friendster)
Facebook has Platform. Google has OpenSocial. Many social networks are choosing to also roll out their own application platform offering. See an overview of social platforms from Bebo, meebo, NetVibes, & Friendster and find out what choices they made in creating their social platforms. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Jeremiah Owyang (Forrester Research), Hooman Radfar (Clearspring Technologies, Inc.), Jeff Nolan (NewsGator), Pam Webber (Widgetbox), Ben Pashman (Gigya)
Widgets are rapidly spreading throughout social networks and platforms. Companies are using widgets as new publishing and advertising channels, for both businesses and consumers. What advantages do widgets provide? And who's in charge of all of them? Learn how to define your widget strategy, and how to conquer the world of social platforms, news feeds, viral marketing, and more. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Dan Farber (CNET Networks), Joseph Smarr (Google), David Lavenda (WorkLight), Allen Hurff (SoCal Incubator), Ben Metcalfe (Swordfish Corp /
Social networks are letting more people connect than ever before. Learn how social networks can help (or hurt?) people trying to control and manage their privacy online, and how to exchange data with friends, applications, and marketers. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Chris Messina (Vidoop)
If someone wants to live "silo-free" and use / support distributed social networking technology, where do they start? DiSo is a distributed social network project founded by Steve Ivy and Chris Messina, built on top of WordPress. DiSo uses already-existing blog software building blocks, along with technologies like XMPP and XFN for handling friend lists and message delivery. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Jia Shen (RockYou), R. Tyler Ballance (
What are the critical and necessary components of a highly successful social application? Come learn the elements of style for building apps and widgets on today's social platforms. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Patrick Chanezon (Docker), Chris Schalk (Google), Kevin Marks (Proud To Pay), Lou Moore (hi5 Networks)
Get a technical overview of Google's new OpenSocial platform, and see how it's being used to develop cross-platform social applications for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Ning, and other popular social networks running OpenSocial containers. Learn how to build an OpenSocial app that can be accessed by over 200 million users on the Web. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Jeremy Liew (Lightspeed Venture Patners), Mark Pincus (Zynga), Shervin Pishevar (Social Gaming Network), Michael Lazerow (Buddy Media), John Hwang (Tripmonger)
Social Games are a new category of fun, simple applications that operate on social platforms. Find out more about how Social Games are driving a new wave of user activity and developer innovation. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media)
Roger Magoulas, Director of Research at O'Reilly Media, will provide an update on the big picture trends in Facebook application building and usage. His presentation will cover concentration of usage in top applications, as well as a look at applications by category and other topics. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Justin Smith ( & Watercooler), Andrew Chen (Futuristic Play), Blake Commagere (, David Gentzel (SocialMedia), Jia Shen (RockYou)
Successful Facebook apps and widgets can acquire millions of users in just days. Learn how top developers create the "viral loop" for their apps that generate growth and user adoption at almost no cost. Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Nick ONeill (Social Times), Mike Sego (Gaia Online), Keith Schacht (42 Friends LLC), Tim O'Shaughnessy (Hungry Machine), Zach Allia (Free Gifts)
Apps with millions of users are great, but if your users never come back how much is it worth? Find out how to get users addicted to your application or widget for life (or at least a few months). Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Jim Scheinman (Charles River Ventures), Seth Goldstein (stickybits), Scott Rafer (Lookery), Troy Young (VideoEgg), Murtaza Hussain (Peanut Labs, Inc)
Ok, now your app is viral and has a bazillion users. It's so engaging, they spend hours using it almost every day. Just one last thing: it's Time to Get Paid. SHOW ME THE MONEY! Read more.
Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Eric Eldon (VentureBeat), Jeff Clavier (Softtech VC), Jason Beckerman (Teach The People, Dank Apps), Lee Lorenzen (Altura Ventures)
Congratulations, you've hit the jackpot. You've got millions of users, they're coming back daily, and you're making bank. Should you sell out? For how much and to whom? Or should you get funding? What will you have to give up? Read more.

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