Patrick Chanezon

Patrick Chanezon
Senior Director, Developer Relations, VMware


Patrick Chanezon joined VMware in 2011 in San Francisco, to create the developer relations team, and make VMware and Cloud Foundry the first choice of developers moving their apps to the cloud.

Previously he worked at Google from 2005 to 2011, where he managed the Cloud and Tools Developer Relations team and has been building and growing developer ecosystems for HTML5, OpenSocial, Google Checkout and the AdWords API, and worked as a software architect at Sun Microsystems, AOL, Netscape and Accenture.

More on his blog or his twitter stream


Location: San Diego Ballroom B
Patrick Chanezon (VMware), Chris Schalk (Google), Kevin Marks (Proud To Pay), Lou Moore (hi5 Networks)
Get a technical overview of Google's new OpenSocial platform, and see how it's being used to develop cross-platform social applications for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster, Ning, and other popular social networks running OpenSocial containers. Learn how to build an OpenSocial app that can be accessed by over 200 million users on the Web. Read more.

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