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Dave McClure (500 Hats)
Presentation: Announcements Presentation [PPT]
Conference news and announcements.
David Gentzel (SocialMedia), John Maver (Thought Labs), Cappy Popp (Thought Labs)
This workshop will provide an introductory technical overview of the Facebook & Bebo platforms, and will also walk through the development of a basic social application. Attendees will learn how to create an app outline, app invitations & notifications, profile box, canvas pages, news feed messages, and get list in app directories.
Adam Nash (LinkedIn)
Presentation: external link
LinkedIn will provide an overview of its leading business-focused social network, a profile of its 20M users and demographics, and discuss advertising opportunities and information solutions for business managers.
Patrick Chanezon (Docker), Paul McDonald (Google, Inc. )
Google is involved with many efforts to make the social web more real, more useful, and more open. This session will cover the latest release of OpenSocial and recent implementations on popular social platforms like MySpace and Hi5, as well as an overview of Google's new App Engine platform.
Patrick Chanezon (Docker), Paul Lindner (LinkedIn), Max Newbould (MySpace), Sachin Rekhi (imeem)
Presentation: external link
Google's OpenSocial platform is finally here: multiple social platforms are now running OpenSocial apps including MySpace, Hi5, Orkut with more on the way. Come see the latest OpenSocial apps & demos from Google and friends, and find out what's coming in the future.
Benjamin Joffe (Plus Eight Star / Mobile Monday Beijing), Ben Keighran (Bluepulse), Gregory Cypes (Open AIM (AOL)), Craig Dalton (Hook Mobile), Chris Butler (Dash Navigation)
Social networks on your PC computer? Oh man, that is "so" 2004. Find out how social networks for cellphones and other mobile devices are driving a new wave of innovation around both WHO and WHERE.
Sean Ammirati (mSpoke / ReadWriteWeb), Chris Messina (Vidoop), Dave Morin (Facebook), Adam Nash (LinkedIn), David Recordon (Facebook), Kevin Chou (Watercooler Inc.)
The latest revolution in social networks is the rollout of shared activity streams, such as Facebook’s News Feed and Plaxo’s Pulse. Come to this session to find out more about how feeds are changing the way people discover news, apps, and other information.
Robert Fan (Stanford University / 750 Industries), Dave McClure (500 Hats)
Find out how a Stanford class in just ten weeks created over 50 amazing Facebook apps, and attracted over 10 million installs and 1 million daily users.
Roger Magoulas (O'Reilly Media)
Roger Magoulas, Director of Research at O’Reilly Media, will provide an update on the big picture trends in Facebook application building and usage. His presentation will cover concentration of usage in top applications, as well as a look at applications by category and other topics.
Kevin Barenblat (Context Optional), Jeff Ragovin (Buddy Media)
This workshop will provide an overview of marketing and advertising solutions for popular social networks; including Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, and others. Attendees will learn how to create social advertising campaigns, create branded groups, drive brand awareness using social apps & widgets, and reach consumer audiences on social networks & widget platforms.
  • Buddy Media
  • AOL
  • Bebo
  • Clearspring
  • Friendster
  • Gratis Network
  • Hook Mobile
  • SocialMedia
  • BNet

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