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Jackhammers, Polymers, and Diamonds: New Applications in Explosives

Christa Hockensmith (EMRTC/New Mexico Tech)
Location: Imperial Ballroom
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Explosives are usually linked to military uses or mining. Today there are other uses for explosives on a large scale (diamond manufacture) or on a small scale (cartridges to operate instruments or machinery) or somewhere in between. The Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) at New Mexico Tech has over forty years experience developing, testing, and working with explosives. We’ll look at many of EMRTC’s research projects, both with explosives and without explosives.

Photo of Christa Hockensmith

Christa Hockensmith

EMRTC/New Mexico Tech

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Picture of Chris Dunphy
Chris Dunphy
03/15/2009 12:42am PDT

Amazing and engaging. What incredible energy! This was a session that (pun intended) blew me away.

Picture of Chris Spurgeon
Chris Spurgeon
03/12/2009 2:51pm PDT

Dr. Hockensmith is a rock star! If she had a talk show, I would totally watch it.

Picture of Jane McGonigal
Jane McGonigal
03/11/2009 5:20pm PDT

What a great new perspective for Etech – I love the attitude, “It’s research—we can do anything!”

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